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Oldies Remix

Island Bites


Tropical plantain has a crispy, caramelised texture and is irresistibly sweet!
West Africa's delicacy complements any main.


Beef patties

Shortcrust pastry, with the added flavouring filled with beef. Some call it meat pie!


Chicken Patties

Shortcrust pastry, with the added flavouring filled with chicken. Some call it a pie!


Chicken wings x4

4 juicy, sweet & spicy chicken wings tossed in a jerk sauce.- choose your spice level!


Ultimate onion rings

Crispy battered onion rings!


Cambridge's HOTTEST wings

Baby spice wings- Spice level 2/5

Still spicy but on the mild side


Sweet but spicy- Spice level 3/5

Keeping it sweet! with our honey jerk sauce!


Cambridge's Hottest wing!- spice level 5/5

Can you handle the spice? Our spiciest wings are full of jerk sauce and will blow your socks off!



Mini chips

Small portion of flavored chips.


Large chips

Large portion of chips


Sandwiches and wraps

Jerk chicken sandwich

Oven-roasted jerk chicken served in ciabatta with dressed in mango , pineapple slaw. Winner winner chicken dinner!


Jerk chicken wrap

Oven-roasted jerk chicken wrap with rocket, slaw and honey jerk sauce!


Jerk oxtail tacos

Two succulent jerk oxtail tacos served with jerk salted chips, plantain & a jerk sauce topped with a salsa



Jerk chicken rice bowl

Jerk chicken rice bowl served with slaw avocado and plantain!


Jerk Oxtail bowl

Slow-cooked jerk oxtail bowl with Jellof rice, slaw and plantain.


Stew chicken rice bowl

Stew chicken rice bowl served with slaw and plantain!


Jerk pork bowl

Succulent jerk pork belly, with jellof rice and plantain!


Hungry jerk combo

Feeling hungry, fill up with our Jerk Chicken and Pork , served with rice, plantain and slaw!



Jerk Chicken Burger

Tantalizing jerk chicken burger.. winner winner chicken dinner!


Jerk oxtail burger

Oven-roasted jerk oxtail served in brioche with dressed rocket and coriander.


Chicken and chips

1/4 Chicken and chips


1/2 Chicken and chips


Whole Chicken and chips



Jollof rice

Jollof Rice is a rich and incredibly tasty west African rice, can be eaten on its own or with meat of your choice



Scotch bonnet sauce


Honey jerk sauce


Burger sauce





Supermalt drink

Supermalt is a non-alcoholic, caffeine-free malt drink high in vitamin B!




Classic Coke


Ginger Beer

Classic old Jamacian ginger beer!


Diet coke


Sumting sweet

Puff Puff doughnuts

West Africa's favourite doughnuts, served with a scoop of Nutella- A chocolate dream!


Bitter Galore
Floral Fusion
Aperitivo Box
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